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  • 05.28.2024
    EPA Takes Steps to Address Underreporting of Landfill Methane Emissions
  • 05.16.2024
    REPORT: EPA’s lax landfill emissions regulations perpetuate a methane crisis, need updating
  • 05.14.2024
    Press Release: Washington joins neighboring Oregon in surpassing federal regulations for landfill methane emissions
  • 04.08.2024
    Sustainable Steel Community Cohort
  • 04.03.2024
    A team of workers install brackets for solar panels on the roof of a house in Cape Town, South Africa
    Moving Aluminum Production Into the Future
  • 03.25.2024
    Press Release: Green manufacturing investments from Biden admin set to launch ‘America’s second industrial revolution’
  • 03.25.2024
    Press Release: DOE Announces 1st Green Steel Plant, Replacement for Coal-Based Steel Furnace
  • 03.21.2024
    Press Release: Advocates Urge Biden to Assess U.S. Steel Sale through Health and Climate Lens
  • 03.07.2024
    Press Release: Europe leads U.S. with 35% higher subsidies for green steel, new report finds
  • 02.27.2024
    Press Release: New Report: American Automakers Make Progress, But Lag Behind EU Counterparts In Green Steel Supply Chains
  • 02.14.2024
    Press Release: Climate, industry organizations launch ‘Race to Green Steel’ to help automakers procure low-emission steel
  • 02.01.2024
    Press Release: Senate Hearing Brings Landfill Methane Emissions, Solutions Into the Spotlight
  • 12.18.2023
    Press Release: US Steel acquisition: Nippon Steel is buying a 19.4 million metric ton climate problem
  • 10.30.2023
    Climate and public interest advocates: Landfill emissions rule proposed by Washington Department of Ecology doesn’t get the job done to stop unchecked potent methane emissions, protect communities
  • 11.28.2023
    Press Release: Climate Advocates: Whitmer Administration Must Embrace Opportunity to Require Reductions in Landfill Methane
  • 11.15.2023
    Press Release: Climate, circular economy advocates: EPA must act now to reduce pollution from landfills
  • 11.03.2023
    The Steel Industry Must Kick Its Coal Habit
  • 10.27.2023
    Why decarbonizing aluminum is key to our clean energy future
  • 10.24.2023
    US Integrated Steel Mill Plant Fact Sheet
  • 10.20.2023
    Wheels of Change: What We Learned From Our Tour of Steel & Auto Sites in Detroit and Dearborn
  • 10.19.2023
    Press Release: Activists and Impacted Residents Raise Concerns over Hydrogen Hubs in Steelmaking Communities
  • 09.15.2023
    Press Release: Environmental Justice Tour Highlights Path to Sustainable Future for Steel & Cars
  • 08.31.2023
    Press Release: Residents ask EPA for tighter safeguards on hazardous air pollutants from coke ovens
  • 08.16.2023
    Press Release: Residents ask EPA for tighter safeguards on hazardous air pollutants from Integrated Iron and Steel Manufacturing Facilities
  • 08.03.2023
    Let’s Get Excited About Cleaning Up Food Manufacturing
  • 08.03.2023
    Press Release: Cleveland-Cliffs Delays 68 Million Tonne Pollution Decision
  • 07.11.2023
    A New ERA for U.S. Manufacturing: Tapping a Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity
  • 04.27.2023
    Press Release: Cleveland-Cliffs Announces Plans for 255 Million Tonnes of Climate Pollution
  • 03.29.2023
    Press Release: Seventy percent of voters in Indiana, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania support investing in sustainable steel and aluminum
  • 03.08.2023
    Press Release: DOE Clean Energy Investments Should Focus on Climate, Innovation, and Equity
  • 03.07.2023
    Press Release: New Report: American Automakers Score Straight Zeros on Green Steel
  • 02.02.2023
    The Lab Report: Laying Waste to Myths about Trash
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  • 11.09.2022
    The Lab Report: Revitalizing Aluminum
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  • 10.24.2022
    The Lab Report: How we Build Power
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  • 10.22.2022
    The Lab Report: The Data We Need to Win
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  • 10.21.2022
    The Lab Report: Punching in
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