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Industry needs a second revolution.

Industrious Labs exists to deliver unstoppable policies, people power, and analysis to drastically reduce dangerous emissions, hold industry accountable to communities and workers, and develop a circular economy.

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The Opportunity

Today, heavy industry contributes 24% of greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest source of climate pollution.

We need industrial materials like steel, aluminum, and cement to build out our new economy. All of these materials can now be produced using cleaner and greener energy that drives good paying jobs, arrests climate change, and anchors a healthy regenerative economy that helps local communities thrive.

To the right are a few of the heavy industries that we are currently focusing on.

  • Steel

    Today, steel-making uses coal and contributes up to 11% of climate pollution worldwide. There’s a better way. We’re working to replace coal with clean energy and green hydrogen, and bring steel emissions down to zero in the next two decades.

  • Aluminum

    In 1980, the US made 30% of the world’s aluminum. Today, we make just 1%, importing aluminum from some countries with dirtier production methods. We’re working to make the US a leader in sustainable aluminum, restoring union jobs and securing critical supply chains.

  • Cement

    Everyone deserves safe housing, roads and bridges, but cement is hugely polluting, contributing 7% of climate pollution globally. We’re working to make the next generation of cement facilities around the world low emission using cleaner clinker and renewable energy.

  • Heat

    Industrial processes use a lot of heat to manufacture our food, paper products, medicines and more. While most facilities burn methane or coal, industrial heat pumps and other electric equipment can do the trick. In 2024, we’re scaling up to make sure our cookies, notebooks, and more aren’t made with fossil fuels.

  • Circular Economy

    A “take-make-waste” economy is growing landfills and the related methane pollution. As we work towards a circular economy, we’re targeting landfills and the waste in our kitchens driving methane pollution to start.

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Our work

Today, industry contributes 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest source of climate pollution.

Our team

Our staff is comprised of leaders from the climate movement, labor, government, clean tech and more: analysts, campaign directors, communicators, and policy experts. We’ve worked to retire coal and gas plants, scaled up electric trucks and heat pumps, and fought for racial justice, women’s rights, parental leave, and more.


We are looking for passionate, skilled team players who want to work with us to reinvent industry, create jobs and protect the climate.

News and ideas
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    REPORT: EPA’s lax landfill emissions regulations perpetuate a methane crisis, need updating
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