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Green manufacturing investments from Biden admin set to launch ‘America’s second industrial revolution’

Department of Energy announces more than $20B in green manufacturing projects

Contact: Annette McDermott

CINCINNATI, OH — Today, the Department of Energy announced a transformative investment in innovative, clean industrial facilities backed by more than $20 billion in public and private funding to kickstart the transition to zero-emissions solutions in a sector that represents 23% of the U.S.’s total emissions.

In response to the acceleration of industrial decarbonization, the green industry advocacy organization Industrious Labs released the following statements:

Evan Gillespie, Co-founder and Partner:

“Today’s announcement from the Biden administration makes it clear – America’s second industrial revolution is here. By harnessing the power of clean energy, we can bring tens of thousands of good-paying union jobs to communities across the U.S., clean up our air, and onshore critical supply chain materials.

From the first new primary aluminum smelter in 45 years, to transformative projects that could change the way steel and cement is made, to industrial heat pumps and electric equipment to make fossil free ice cream, wine, spirits, and even condiments, these 33 projects backed by $20 billion in private and public funding show that we can build a better, stronger industrial base and make a giant leap toward our climate goals. These projects will have a real impact on communities that have struggled with decades of toxic air and water pollution and seen jobs lost and plants shuttered. Let’s get to work.”

Hilary Lewis, Steel Director:

“Today, the Biden administration put up the U.S. on the green steel scoreboard. Planned investments announced today will not only create family sustaining union jobs, but they will also reduce health and climate harming air pollution from coal-based steelmaking - a triple win. We’re excited to continue working with the Department of Energy in the coming months and years to eliminate fossil-fuels in steelmaking and secure meaningful dividends for the projects’ most invested stakeholders: communities and workers.”

Annie Sartor, Aluminum Campaign Director:

“This is a huge win for climate and jobs. This new investment in a clean aluminum smelter is a critical first step toward securing a domestic supply of low-carbon primary aluminum. This is an extraordinary start, but there is more to be done to ensure that the U.S. has the aluminum that we need to support the clean energy transition. This announcement demonstrates just how critical low-cost clean energy is not only for this new facility, and also for the remaining U.S. smelters that are struggling with high fossil-energy costs.”

Industrious Labs experts available to discuss projects, scalable industrial decarbonization solutions and the significance of the Biden Administration’s funding for the climate and economy.

    Annie Sartor, Aluminum Director

    Hilary Lewis, Steel Director

    Ash Lauth, Senior Cement Strategist

    Evan Gillespie, Partner and Co-founder of Industrious Labs

Additionally, Industrious Labs is eager to connect reporters with community members and other stakeholders that live and work near the announced projects.


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