Two-Thirds Back Using Inflation Reduction Act Funds To Help Industries Compete, Create American Jobs

March 29, 2023—A recent poll in key states for the primary aluminum and steel industries shows overwhelming bipartisan support for developing modern, sustainable steel and aluminum industries that create good-paying jobs and long-term economic growth. The poll was commissioned by Industrious Labs, an organization that aims to decarbonize heavy industry by 2045 while creating jobs and advancing environmental justice.

The poll, conducted by ClearPath Strategies, interviewed registered voters in Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania, where over two-thirds of the poll’s respondents see steel and aluminum as important to their state’s economy. The respondents saw a series of statements describing the steel industry. 80% of respondents said that the steel industry helps build America, and 70% said aluminum jobs help build America. However, respondents were least likely to describe these jobs as “for people like me,” “safe for workers,” “healthy” or “green.”

“The work to revitalize industry, while lowering pollution and climate emissions, creating safe, healthy jobs and powering economic growth with renewable energy is no longer controversial. We don’t have to choose between jobs and a healthy climate. By building people power, we can all work to build a framework for equitable, thriving communities,” said Dominique Thomas, Industrious Labs Partner and Field Building Director. “Voters are clearly calling for the Inflation Reduction Act funds to be used to improve the lives of Americans and protect the climate.”

The research also found that there is strong, bipartisan support for taking specific steps to increase American steel and aluminum production while lowering their impact on the environment:

    A massive majority of voters in these states support investing in sustainable steel and aluminum production: 69% believe “investing in sustainable production would provide jobs.”

    66% of voters in these states support using funds from The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to help modernize America’s steel and aluminum industries.

    When presented with a plan for revitalizing industry, described as: replacing coal, oil, and gas in the production process with renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions; Updating production processes to protect worker and community health from dangerous pollution;  and helping the industry create more stable American jobs and increasing production, there is strong support across the political spectrum:

      72% Overall, and:

      77% of Democrats

      71% of Independents

      68% of Republicans

“Knowing voters support revitalizing industry in a way that supports community health and reduces climate pollution, Congress and key federal agencies like the Department of Energy should feel emboldened to invest in clean steel and aluminum projects,” said Hilary Lewis, Steel Director at Industrious Labs. “The Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law allocated over $6 billion for commercially viable demonstration projects, and with this endorsement from the public DOE should prioritize steel and aluminum.”

Jason Ashley, Director of Strategy at ClearPath Strategies sees the broad, bipartisan support for modernizing industry as noteworthy. "A huge majority of voters in each of these states supports sustainable steel and aluminum production," said Jason Ashley, Director of Strategy at ClearPath Strategies. "Republicans, Democrats and independents view these industries as important to their state's economies and want to see the industries protected and modernized. Voters see sustainable production as a major economic opportunity, and want to use Federal funds from the Inflation Reduction Act to realize that opportunity."


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