US Integrated Steel Mill Plant Fact Sheet

Ariana Criste, Senior Communications Strategist

Our US Integrated Steel Mill Plant Fact Sheets provide an overview of each of the eight integrated steel mills in the United States, including:

    The basics: where the mill is located, a brief history of the plant, the current owner, and the estimated workforce.

    Production details: the number of blast furnaces and the iron and crude steel production and capacity

    Environmental impact: each facility's environmental performance, compared to other industrial polluters for various pollutants, such as NOx, CO2e, SO2, particulate matter, and more.

    Compliance and incidents: fines and penalties related to pollution or worker safety and recent injuries or deaths.

    Health impacts: major health effects attributed to pollution from the site, using the EPA's CO–Benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA), including data on deaths, non-fatal heart attacks, work loss days, and more.

    Community Demographics: demographics of the communities residing within 3 miles of the facility

    Blast Furnace Relining: announcements regarding blast furnace relining, associated risks, and the estimated costs of relining these furnaces.